Our Next Speaker: The Works of James Scott Bell

In 2017, RWA San Diego is taking our meetings to the next level. Last month, Damon Suede blew us away with his strategies for self-promotion and branding. This month, we’re focusing on the magic of our craft with bestselling author and writing coach, James Scott Bell.

Not only does Bell write award-winning fiction, but he’s also produced a wealth of instructional books on the craft of writing – according to his website, there are at least 16. Here's an overview of a few you might want to add to your bookshelf.

Plot & Structure

Plot & Structure Cover

This might be one of Bell’s most recognizable books; published by Writer’s Digest, it’s already in its 5th edition. For people who are just starting out, or those who need a reminder, Plot & Structure details the fundamentals of story formation, techniques for plotting and brainstorming, and checklists and diagrams for building a strong plot from start to finish.




The Mental Game of Writing

Mental Game of Writing CoverIf you’ve ever struggled with a bout of writer’s block, this book might speak to you. In it, Bell discusses ways to overcome common mental obstacles that many writers face, in order to stay creative, inspired, and most importantly, productive. He walks you through goal-setting, teaches you how to define your own vision of success, and gives you the tools to tackle many of the challenges the writing life can throw your way.




How to Make a Living as a Writer

How to Make a Living as a Writer CoverThat’s a good question: how do you make a living as a writer? In this book, Bell explores writing for profit and identifies ways in which you can start making a living wage from your work. Covering traditional publishing as well as indie, he touches on how to increase your writing speed and diversify your streams of writing income.





Write Your Novel From the Middle

Write Your Novel From the Middle CoverFor those of you who’ll be joining us next Saturday, this book forms the basis for the workshop he’ll be presenting. Designed for both plotters and pantsers, Bell will show us a wholly innovative way to start writing your next novel. Instead of starting at the beginning, or working your way backward from the end, look for the “Mirror Moment” in the middle of your book to unlock the power of your story.




Whether you’re starting with a fresh idea or you’re working on the third revision of your WIP, James Scott Bell’s workshop will undoubtedly give you some eye-opening advice and inspiration to take your writing to the next level. Don’t miss out. Head on over to the Meetings page and reserve your spot today!