Poetry, Novellas, and Social Media: Oh My!

Did you know RWA San Diego offers a ton of awesome, inspiring, and educational workshops? Every month, right here on our website, we host a number of classes taught by some of the most talented authors and instructors in the romance world and beyond. Here’s just some of what we’ve got lined up for March and April.Learn Online with RWA San Diego

Social Media for Writers and Others

Every author needs a social media presence. And we don’t just mean setting up a Twitter account and letting it languish there untouched for weeks at a time. We mean making it work for you. This course, taught by USA Today bestselling author Jamie K. Schmidt, will help you learn the basics of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Goodreads, and more. Schmidt will take you all the way from setting up your accounts to using these platforms to grow your readership, all while protecting your privacy. It starts on Monday, so don’t delay – register today!

Raiding the Poet’s Toolbox to Enrich Your Writing

Are you in need of some lyrical inspiration? If you find your words to be wearisome and your sentences to be stale, this class will use poetry to give you a boost. As an editor with Black Velvet Solutions, MM Pollard has the experience you need to learn to make your words sing. She’ll teach you all about figures of speech and sound devices, and give you assignments to apply what you’ve learned. Whether you’re a novelist or a poet, this class is sure to be full of invaluable information.

Writing the Romantic Novella

Writing short isn’t as easy as it sounds. Novellas have their own rules for structure, pacing, and character development – and if you want to make your story stand out, you’ve got to learn them. Fortunately, Golden Heart finalist Catherine Chant will teach you all about it in this workshop. Not only will you come away with a brief outline of a novella you can start working on right away, but you’ll also find out which publishers are looking for novellas, and how you can self-pub them the indie way.

Space is limited in all these amazing classes, so register now!