March Meeting Round-Up and Good News

It’s about time to get back into the blogs! Be on the look-out for the post meeting wrap ups after each monthly meeting.


March’s pre-St. Patrick’s Day meeting welcomed security expert Jack Davidson. With more than 30 years of law enforcement and personal security experience, Jack provided members with insights regarding the ins and outs of proper police procedures and how to breathe more realism into those harrowing situations in which we love to place our characters. Some of the tips, namely “Run/Hide/Fight” are tips to live by in our own daily lives.


During the afternoon session, Jack opened up the floor to story specific questions. Inquiries ranged from the kind of weapons that would be used by snipers to the amount of security a billionaire would need on a regular basis.



President Tessa McFionn gave us an update on the RWA Nationals website and the hiccup with renewals. Thankfully, the bump was smoothed out and the San Diego Chapter portal on the RWA National website has been fixed. Any new members can now easily join the chapter.


The Member of the Month for March was Margaret Taylor for her work getting our website back up and running after some technical issues.


Atta Girl for March was presented to Shirley Wilder. Even dealing with a myriad of health issues, she still managed to get words on pages. But contrary to rumors, her publisher did not close.


President-Elect CJ Corbin reminded all the members about signing up for the April Challenge. We have until March 31 to pay the $5 to get the ball rolling. You can set any goal you’d like, but be sure to sign up soon.




Since the blog was missed in January and February, here is all the Good News from 2019:


Christy Jeffries announced her book, The SEAL’s Secret Daughter, was released on February 19.

Judy Duarte sold a new, three-book series to HQN Special Edition and was invited to take part in the 2020 Fortunes of Texas series.

Mary Galusha released Sapphire Skies and Rachel’s Secret as self-published works after her publisher closed.

Linda Thomas-Sundstrom released Code Wolf on November 1, 2018 from Harlequin Nocturne.

Mickey Brent published her second novel, Broad Awakening, through Bold Strokes Books in October 2018.

Margaret Taylor will be presenting two workshops at RWA Nationals in NYC this July. “Playing with the Boys” and “Villains, Deviants, and Killers.”

Donnamaie White released the first of three Regency stories under her pseudonym Lady Morgan.


Be sure to sign up for April when Teresa Carpenter will help us brainstorm our projects. Be sure to bring your works in progress and your ideas to share.