April Meeting Roundup

April's RWA San Diego chapter meeting featured a shout-out and pep talk to members participating in the April Writing Chapter from 2019 Vice President & President-Elect CJ Corbin. In addition to high-energy encouragement, CJ hinted at personalized awards awaiting members who achieve their writing challenge goal before the end of the month.
CJ also shone the spotlight on two members for particular recognition. 2019 Treasurer Tami Vahalik was named Member of the Month for her diligent focus on chapter finances and reporting. Jackie Allen was given the month's Atta-Girl for perservering in writing, including the April Writing Challenge, despite her recent surgery. Both of these  ladies personify the can-do, will-do spirit that makes the writers of RWASD special.
Teresa Carpenter and table leaders Pamela Moran, Jill Limber, Tessa McFionn, Georgie Lee, and CJ Corbin facilitated  two sessions of workshops during which attendees brainstormed story ideas to fix issues and hash out problems in order improve works-in-progress. Writers took advantage of the in-depth attention to deepen character motivations and complicate story plots. Readers will be the happy beneficiaries of this exhilarating day of work.
The next chapter meeting on Saturday, May 18 will feature Judy Duarte and Christy Jeffries sharing their perspective on romance and the business of publishing.
Post by Rick Ochocki