The April Challenge 2021!

Come and join your fellow chapter members for the great RWA - San Diego April Challenge!

  1. Set a reaching achievable goal. For instance, it can be writing number of words, editing a number of chapters, ... whatever you choose, make it a reaching goal ... the whole idea is to push yourself to heights you haven't reached before!
  2. Fill out the form below and join before April 1st ... it's $10.00 ... and there are cool prizes for those that achieve their goals.
  3. Once you've paid, you'll receive a link to a google document where you can add your name and your goal. If you're an over achiever, you can add more than one goal ... but remember it's $10.00 per goal.
  4. The challenge starts on Thursday, April 1 and ends on Friday, April 30.
    Then, once a week on Sunday, return to the spreadsheet and update your achievement. Your fellow chapter mates will want to cheer you on.
  5. Stop by our Facebook page too ... there will be encouraging words. And if you're having trouble, you can always contact C. J. Corbin, she may be able to help you or certainly point you toward someone who can!
  6. So, say what you're going to do and then DO IT!

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Sign-Ups for the April Challenge are now closed.